A use involving publicly accessible passive or active open space or a structure or facility under the jurisdiction of a public agency that is used for community recreation activities.

  • Examples: Public plazas, parks, outdoor recreation, community gardens; areas devoted to recreational activities such as picnicking, boating, fishing, bicycling, tennis, or swimming; classes and services relating to health and wellness, culture, arts and crafts, or education; and structures or other recreation facilities such as auditorium, multipurpose room, gymnasium, meeting space, open space, playground, playing court, golf course, playing field, or swimming pool, with associated accessory uses such as kitchen facilities.
  • Exceptions: This use category does not include private recreation centers such as a commercial gymnasium, or uses which more typically would fall within the entertainment, assembly, and performing arts, arts design and creation, medical care, or service use category.
District of Columbia Office of Zoning