A use involving the on-site production, distribution, repair, assembly, processing, or sale of materials, products, technology, or goods intended for a wholesale, manufacturing, or industrial application. Uses may include firms that provide centralized services or logistics for retail uses, and wholesale goods establishments commonly selling to businesses in bulk. These uses typically have little contact with the public.

  • Examples: including, but are not limited to: manufacturing facility, concrete plant, asphalt plant, material salvage, hauling or terminal yard, chemical storage or distribution, outdoor material storage, acetylene gas manufacturing, fertilizer manufacturing, rock quarrying, warehouse, storage, self-storage establishment, ground shipping facility, or wholesale sales.
  • Exceptions: This use category does not include uses which more typically would fall within the retail, service or waste-related services use categories.
PDR Zones in DC

Use Permissions Parking Inclusionary Zoning
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