Use Categories describe activities being performed on-site that have similar functions, physical characteristics, impacts or operations behaviors.

All individual uses shall be included in at least one use category. On- and off-site activities associated with a use may cause that use to be included in more than one group.

Activities performed in a particular zone and on a specific property may be considered a primary use, an accessory use, or a temporary use.

The category of a particular use is determined by the Zoning Administrator at the Department of Consumer and Regulator Affairs, based on consistency with Subtitle B, Chapter 2.

In determining the appropriate group or group for a specific use, the Zoning Administrator looks at the following:

  • The description of the activity or activities in relationship to the definition of each use category;
  • The relative amount of site or floor space and equipment devoted to each activity;
  • The relative amounts of sales from each activity;
  • The customer type for each activity;
  • The relative number of employees in each activity;
  • The typical hours of operation;
  • The building and site arrangement;
  • The number and type of vehicles used;
  • The relative number of vehicle trips generated by the activity;
  • How the use is advertised;
  • How the use is licensed; and
  • Similarities in function to the examples and exceptions listed for each use category.