The objectives of the Downtown Arts Sub-Area are to create strong arts and entertainment corridors including a spine of theaters, movie theaters, restaurants, nightclubs, and arts-related retail uses along E Street from 6th to 14th Street, N.W.; and a pedestrian-oriented concentration of museums, art galleries, other performing or visual arts uses, and festive retail-entertainment uses along 7th Street from Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. to north of G Street N.W.

The general location of the Downtown Arts Sub-Area is between 6th and 14th Streets, N.W. between Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. and G Place, N. W.

Downtown Arts
Location of Downtown Arts Sub-Area

The following actions count, cumulatively, towards meeting the use and FAR or FAER requirements of Subtitle I § 607.6(a), but shall not count towards meeting the requirements of Subtitle I § 607.6(b):

  • Providing either on-site or by obtaining arts credits pursuant to Subtitle I, Chapters 8 and 9, between 0.5 and 1.0 FAR or FAER of arts uses;
  • Providing, either on-site or by obtaining residential credits pursuant to Subtitle I § 803, at least 1.5 more residential FAR than is required by this chapter and devoting at least 0.25 FAR or FAER equivalent to the arts uses listed in Subtitle I § 607.6(b);
  • Providing an arts exhibition area that:
    • Comprises at least 20% of the FAR required;
    • Is open to the public at least 5 days a week for 50 weeks per year;
    • Accommodates permanent art installations in no more than 20% of the space required; and
    • Changes the installation of the art at least 4 times a year in the 80% of the space not-permitted permanent installations, and has each of the different installations professionally curated.

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