The Mixed-Use (MU) zones provide for mixed-use developments that permit a broad range of commercial, institutional, and multiple dwelling unit residential development at varying densities. The MU-11 zone is applied generally in the vicinity of the waterfront.

The MU-11 zone is intended to:

  • Permit open space, park, and low-density and low-height waterfront-oriented retail and arts uses; and
  • Be applied in undeveloped waterfront areas.
Development Standards
Floor Area Ratio (max.)1, 2 Height (ft.) Penthouse Height (ft.)/Stories3, 4 Lot Occupancy
Rear Setback (ft.) Side Setback (ft.) Green Area Ratio Zoning Regulation Reference
MU-11 0.5 40 12
(1 story)
25 12 ft. (for residential uses only) 12 ft. 0.30 Subtitle G, Chapter 5
15 ft. for penthouse mechanical space (Second story permitted for penthouse mechanical space)

Use Permissions Courts Parking Inclusionary Zoning Waterfront Setback
Subtitle U, Chapter 5 Subtitle G § 202 Subtitle C, Chapter 7 Subtitle C, Chapter 10 Subtitle G § 508

1 In the MU-11 through MU-14 zones, the guestroom areas and service areas within lodging uses may be charged against the “Total Permitted” floor area ratio.
2In the MU-11 zone, the density on a lot used exclusively for recreational use, marina, yacht club, or boathouse buildings and structures shall not exceed 0.75 FAR; and for the purposes of this subsection, FAR shall be the gross floor area of all buildings and structures located on land and any associated permanent structure located on, in, or over water, other than a floating home, divided by the total area of the lot.
3 A building or structure located on, in, or over the water; or a watercraft, including a floating home shall have a maximum height of 25 ft. For the purposes of this subsection, the maximum height shall be measured from the mean high water level along the shore directly in front of the building, structure, or watercraft to the highest point of the building or structure, not including sailboat masts;
4 Penthouses less than 10 ft. in height above a roof or parapet wall of a structure on Kingman Island shall not be subject to the requirements of Subtitle G, Chapters 11 and 12 of this subtitle when the top of the penthouse is below maximum building height prescribed for the MU-11 zone.