The purposes of the Fort Totten Mixed-Use zones (MU-28 and MU-29) are to:

  • Encourage future residential and commercial development while enabling existing industries to remain in the District; and
  • Protect surrounding residential areas from the adverse impacts of existing industrial support uses by means of the buffering standards.

The MU-28 zone is intended to permit medium-density mixed-use development  with a focus on employment.

Development Standards
Floor Area Ratio (max.)1 Height (ft.) Penthouse Height (ft.)/Stories2 Lot Occupancy
Rear Setback (ft.)3, 4, 5 Side Setback (ft.) Green Area Ratio Zoning Regulation Reference
MU-28 4.0 65 12
(1 story)
75 12 ft. If a side yard is provided, it shall be at least two inches (2 in.) wide for each one foot (1 ft.) of height of building, but no less than five feet (5 ft.). 0.25 Subtitle G, Chapter 9
4.8 (IZ) 18 ft. 6 in.
(Second story permitted for penthouse mechanical space)
80 (IZ) 8 ft. for attached or semi-detached dwelling.
2.5 (non-residential)

Use Permissions Courts Parking Inclusionary Zoning Setbacks and Screening
Subtitle U, Chapter 5 Subtitle G § 202 Subtitle C, Chapter 7 Subtitle C, Chapter 10 Subtitle G § 908

1 Density may be increased in the MU-28 and MU-29 zones in an existing building on a lot with an area 10,000 sq. ft. or less, and it may have a maximum density of 2.0 FAR for non-residential uses, provided the uses are located in the ground story and the story directly above the ground story.
2Buildings proposed to have a height in excess of 65 ft. shall provide special architectural features, roof parapet detailing, and design consideration of roof top and penthouse structures to ensure that the views and vistas from the historic fortification of Fort Totten are not degraded or obstructed.
3 In the MU-28 zone, a horizontal plane may be established at 25 ft. above the mean finished grade at the middle of the rear of the structure for the purpose of measuring rear yards.
4 Where a lot abuts an alley: (1) For that portion of the structure below a horizontal plane described in Subtitle G § 905.2 from the center line of the alley to the rear wall of the portion; and (2) For that portion of the structure above the horizontal plane described in Subtitle G § 905.2, from the rear lot line to the rear wall of that portion immediately above the plane; and
5 Where a lot does not abut an alley, the rear yard shall be measured from the rear lot line to the rear wall of the building or other structure.