The Neighborhood Mixed-Use zones (NC-1 though NC-17) are designed to provide for stable mixed-use areas permitting a range of commercial and multiple dwelling unit residential development in defined neighborhood commercial areas.

The purposes of the NC zones are to:

  • Provide for a varied mix of residential, employment, retail, service, and other related uses in the area;
  • Encourage safe and efficient conditions for pedestrian and motor vehicle movement;
  • Preserve and enhance neighborhood shopping areas, by providing the scale of development and range of uses that are appropriate for neighborhood shopping and services;
  • Encourage a general compatibility in scale between new and older buildings; 
  • Encourage retention and establishment of a variety of retail, entertainment, and personal service establishments, predominantly in a continuous pattern at ground level, to meet the needs of the surrounding area's residents, workers, and visitors; 
  • Encourage a scale of development, a mixture of building uses, and other attributes, such as safe and efficient conditions for pedestrian and vehicular movement;
  • Identify designated roadways within NC zones with limitations on driveways and curb cuts; and
  • Identify designated use areas within NC zones within which use restriction shall apply to the ground floor.
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