The H Street Northeast Neighborhood Mixed-Use Commercial Arts NC-15 Zone is a sub-district of the H Street Northeast Neighborhood Mixed-Use zone district located primarily along H Street, N.E. from Second Street, N.E. to 15th Street, N.E.. The H Street Northeast Mixed Use Zones (NC-9 – NC-17) seek to encourage the clustering of uses into unique destination sub-districts along the corridor, specifically a housing district from 2nd Street to 7th Street, N.E.; a neighborhood-serving retail shopping district from 7th Street to 12th Street, N.E.; and an arts and entertainment district from 12th Street to 15th Street, N.E.

The purposes of the Commercial Arts Sub-district are to:

  • Encourage arts and entertainment uses and a scale of development and a mixture of building uses that is generally compatible in scale with existing buildings.

The NC-15 zone is intended to permit mixed-use development at a medium density with an emphasis on employment and the provision of arts and arts-related uses.

Development Standards
Floor Area Ratio (max.)1, 2 Height (ft.) Penthouse Height (ft.)/Stories3 Lot Occupancy
Rear Yard (ft.) Side Yard (ft.) Green Area Ratio Zoning Regulation Reference
NC-15 4.0 65 12
(1 story)
75% (residential) 12 (minimum) None required; If provided it shall be at least 2 in. wide for each 1 ft. of height of building but no less than 5 ft.3 0.3 Subtitle H, Chapter 9
4.8 (IZ) 18 ft. 6 in. for mechanical space (second additional story for mechanical space) 80% (IZ) 8 ft. for a single-family detached or semi-detached dwelling
1.0 (non-residential) 100% (non-residential)

Use Permissions Courts Parking Inclusionary Zoning Design Requirements
Subtitle H, Chapter 11 Subtitle H § 907 Subtitle C, Chapter 7/8 Subtitle C, Chapter 10 Subtitle H § 909

1In the NC-9, NC-10, NC-11, NC-12, NC-13, NC-14, and NC-15 zones, new construction that preserves a building façade constructed before 1958 is permitted a maximum non-residential FAR of 1.5, provided that at least 1.0 FAR shall be occupied by uses in the following categories: (a) Office, provided that the office use shall not be on the ground story; (b) Retail; (c) Service; or (d) Eating and drinking establishments.
In the NC-9 through NC-17 zones, new construction that preserves an existing façade constructed before 1958 is entitled to an increase of 0.5 FAR to the maximum permitted non-residential density.
Except as prohibited on the roof of a detached dwelling, semi-detached dwelling, rowhouse, or flat in Subtitle C § 1500.4.