The Eighth Street Southeast Neighborhood Mixed-Use NC-6 Zone is located in along 8th Street, L Street, M Street, and Potomac Avenue, S.E. near the entrance to the Navy Yard on non-residentially zoned lots.

The purposes of the Eighth Street Southeast Neighborhood Mixed-Use zone (NC-6) are to:

  • Encourage and allow new neighborhood-serving retail and service businesses and office development in close proximity to the Navy Yard, with emphasis on firms that will conduct business with the Navy, as well as neighborhood-serving retail and service businesses;
  • Allow and encourage mixed-use development at a medium density, in the interest of securing economic development, while restricting building heights to a low level density to respect the historic scale of buildings and the entrance to the adjacent Navy Yard; and
  • Provide for safe and efficient pedestrian movement by reducing conflicts between pedestrian and vehicular traffic, so as to improve access to retail.
Development Standards
Floor Area Ratio (maximum)1 Height (feet) Penthouse Height (feet)/Stories2 Lot Occupancy
Rear Setback (feet) Side Setback (feet) Green Area Ratio Zoning Regulation Reference
NC-6 3.0 45 12
1 (story)
75% (residential) 12 (min.) None required; if provided it shall be at least 2 in. wide for each 1 ft. of height of building but no less than 5 ft.3 0.25 Subtitle H, Chapter 7
100% (non-residential) 8 ft. for a single-family detached or semi-detached dwelling

Use Permissions Courts Parking Inclusionary Zoning
Subtitle H, Chapter 11 Subtitle H § 407 Subtitle C, Chapter 7/8 Subtitle C, Chapter 10

1Except as prohibited on the roof of a detached dwelling, semi-detached dwelling, rowhouse, or flat in Subtitle C § 1500.4.