The Residential Apartment (RA) zones permit urban residential development and compatible institutional and semi-public buildings.

The RA zones are designed to be mapped in areas identified as moderate- or high-density residential areas suitable for multiple dwelling unit development and supporting uses.

The provisions of the RA zones are intended to:

  • Provide for the orderly development and use of land and structures in areas characterized by predominantly moderate- to high-density residential uses;
  • Permit flexibility by allowing all types of residential development;
  • Promote stable residential areas while permitting a variety of types of urban residential neighborhoods;
  • Promote a walkable living environment;
  • Allow limited non-residential uses that are compatible with adjoining residential uses;
  • Encourage compatibility between the location of new buildings or construction and the existing neighborhood; and
  • Ensure that buildings and developments around fixed rail stations, transit hubs, and streetcar lines are oriented to support active use of public transportation and safety of public spaces.


Example of Zoning Data in DC

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The development standards are intended to:

  • Control the location of building bulk in relation to adjacent lots and streets, by regulating rear yards, side yard, and the relationship of buildings to street lot lines;
  • Regulate the mixture of uses; and
  • Promote the environmental performance of development.

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