The purpose of the RF-5 zone is to provide for areas predominantly developed with row houses of three (3) or more stories and within which may also exist a mix of apartment buildings.

The RF-5 zone is typically, but not exclusively, established residential neighborhoods adjacent or proximate to higher density zones including residential, mixed-use, and downtown areas.

The RF-5 zone is intended to promote the continued rowhouse character and appearance, and residential use of larger row house buildings.

Development Standards
Floor Area Ratio/Number of Dwelling Units1 Height (ft.)2 Stories Lot Occupancy Front Setback Rear Setback (ft.) Side Setback (ft.) Zoning Regulation Reference
RF-5 1.8 FAR 40 (detached, semi-detached) 3 (detached, semi-detached) 60% A front setback shall be provided that is within the range of existing front setbacks of all structures on the same side of the street in the block where the building is proposed. 20 Subtitle E, § 207 Subtitle E, Chapter 6
4 units may all be located within the principal, or no more than 1 units may be located within accessory 50 (row dwellings, flats) 4 (row dwellings, flats)
60 (place of worship) 3 (place of worship)

Use Permissions Courtyards Pervious Surfaces Parking Inclusionary Zoning
Subtitle U, Chapter 3 Subtitle E § 204 Subtitle E § 205 Subtitle C, Chapter 7 Subtitle C, Chapter 10

1Subtitle E, § 602
2Except as specified elsewhere in Subtitle E, § 603