The purposes of the Wesley Heights Residential House R-15 zone are to: 

  • Preserve and enhance the low-density character of Wesley Heights by regulating construction and alteration of residential and other buildings in the area;
  • Preserve in general the current density of the neighborhood;
  • Allow reasonable opportunities for owners to expand their dwellings; and
  • Preserve existing trees, access to air and light, and the harmonious design and attractive appearance of the neighborhood.

The R-15 zone is intended to permit detached houses on moderately sized lots.

Detached Dwelling Units
Height (ft.) /
Stories 1
Minimum Lot Width (ft.) / Area (sq. ft.) Lot Occupancy Front Setback Rear Yard (ft.) Side Yard (ft.)2 Pervious Surface (min.) Zoning Regulation Reference
R-15 40 50 40% for lots < 5,000 sq. ft. All residential buildings shall have a front setback equal to or greater than the average setback of all structures on the same side of the street in the block where the building in question is located. 25 8 50% Subtitle D, Chapter 8
3 5,000 Not less than 2,000 sq. ft. for lots 5,000 sq. ft. < 6,667 sq. ft.
30% for lots > 6,667 sq. ft.

Use Permissions Parking Inclusionary Zoning
Subtitle U, Chapter 2 Subtitle C, Chapter 7 Subtitle C, Chapter 10
R- Use Group A

1 Institutional buildings or structures may be erected to a height not exceeding 90 ft., not including the penthouse, provided that the building or structure shall be removed from all lot lines of its lot a distance of not less than 1 ft. for each foot of height in excess of that authorized in the zone in which it is located.
For a building subject to a side yard requirement, but which has an existing side yard less than 8 ft. wide, an extension or addition may be made to the building; provided, that the width of the existing side yard shall not be decreased; and provided further, that the width of the existing side yard shall be a minimum of 5 ft.