Barry Farm (BF)

The purposes of the Barry Farm (BF) zones (BF-1 through BF-2) are to:

  1. Facilitate implementation of the Barry Farm/Park Chester/Wade Road Redevelopment Plan, which was approved as a small area plan by the Council of the District of Columbia on December 19, 2006, pursuant to the Barry Farm/Park Chester/Wade Road Redevelopment Plan Resolution of 2006 (Res 16-0922);
  2. Establish a vibrant mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood where residents have quality housing options in a variety of configurations;
  3. Ensure the development of approximately one thousand one hundred and ten (1,110) dwelling units, including approximately three hundred and eighty (380) affordable replacement units, within mid-rise apartment buildings, and attached and semi-detached single-family dwellings and flats;
  4. Encourage the development of neighborhood retail and service uses in the ground floor of mixed-use buildings fronting on Firth Sterling Avenue, S.E.; and
  5. Create open and green spaces suitable for passive private enjoyment and active community recreation and amenities.