The purposes of the Capitol Gateway (CG) zones (CG-1 through CG-7) are to: 

  • Assure development of the area with a mixture of residential and commercial uses, and a suitable height, bulk, and design of buildings, as generally indicated in the Comprehensive Plan and recommended by planning studies of the area;
  • Encourage a variety of support and visitor-related uses, such as retail, service, entertainment, cultural, and hotel uses;
  • Allow for continuation of existing industrial uses, which are important economic assets to the city, during the extended period projected for redevelopment;
  • Provide for a reduced height and bulk of buildings along the Anacostia riverfront in the interest of ensuring views over and around waterfront buildings, and provide for continuous public open space along the waterfront with frequent public access points;
  • Require suitable ground-level retail and service uses and adequate sidewalk width along M Street, S.E., near the Navy Yard Metrorail station;
  • Provide for development of Squares 702-706 and Reservation 247 as a ballpark for major league sport and entertainment and associated uses;
  • Provide for the establishment of South Capitol Street between M Street, S.E., and the Anacostia waterfront as a monumental civic boulevard;
  • Provide for the development of Half Street, S.E., as an active pedestrianoriented street with active ground floor uses and appropriate setbacks from the street facade to ensure adequate light and air, and a pedestrian scale; and
  • Provide for the development of First Street, S.E., as an active pedestrianoriented street with active ground floor uses, connecting M Street, the Metro Station, and existing residential neighborhoods to the Ballpark site and the Anacostia Waterfront.
Special Purpose Zones
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