The CG-1 zone is intended to permit high-density housing and appropriate renovation of or addition to the existing housing stock.

Capitol Gateway
Development Standards
Floor Area Ratio (max.) Height (ft.)1 Penthouse Height (ft.)/Stories Lot Occupancy
Rear Yard (ft.)2 Side Yard (ft.) Green Area Ratio Zoning Regulation Reference
CG-1 6.0 90 20 /
1 story plus mezzanine
75% (residential) 15 No side yard is required; however, any side yard provided shall be 5 ft. minimum. 0.30 Subtitle K Chapter 5
7.2 (IZ) Second additional story for mechanical space permitted 90% (IZ)

Use Permissions Courts Parking Designated Streets Inclusionary Zoning
Subtitle K § 507 Subtitle K § 501.9 Subtitle K § 513 Subtitle K § 508-510 Subtitle C, Chapter 10

1 Subtitle K § 510 contains design-related conditions on height and upper story setbacks for South Capitol Street, a designated street per Subtitle K § 508.
2 The Board of Zoning Adjustment may grant a special exception for an addition that cannot comply with the rear yard regulations. In addition to complying with the general special exception criteria of Subtitle X, the Board of Zoning Adjustment shall find that the addition, together with the original building, as viewed from the street, alley, and other public way, shall not substantially visually intrude upon the character, scale and pattern of buildings along the subject street frontage.