The CG-2 zone is intended to permit medium-density mixed-use development with a focus on residential use and provide for the establishment of South Capitol Street as a monumental civic boulevard.

Development Standards
Floor Area Ratio (max.)1 Height (ft.)2 Penthouse Height (ft.)/Stories Rear Yard (ft.) Side Yard (ft.) Lot Occupancy Green Area Ratio Zoning Regulation Reference
CG-2 6.0 90 20 /
1 story plus mezzanine
15 Not required 80% 0.30 Subtitle K Chapter 5
7.2 (IZ) 110 (IZ) Second additional story for mechanical space 90% (IZ)
2.0 (Non-residential)

Use Permissions Courts Parking Designated Streets Inclusionary Zoning
Subtitle K § 512 Subtitle K § 502.8-502.9 Subtitle K § 513 Subtitle K § 508-10 Subtitle C, Chapter 10

1 Non-residential floor area shall be the total gross floor area of the building not dedicated to uses in 1 of the following categories: Residential, Emergency shelter, Lodging uses, or Education uses that are operated or chartered by the District Government.
2 Subtitle K § 510 contains design-related conditions on height and upper story setbacks for South Capitol Street, a designated street of Subtitle K § 508.