The purposes of the Hill East (HE) zones (HE-1 through HE-4) are to:

  • Connect and integrate Reservation 13 with adjacent neighborhoods, and the new waterfront park along the Anacostia River;
  • Utilize the site to meet a diversity of public needs, including health care, education, employment, government services and administration, retail, recreation, and housing;
  • Extend the existing pattern of local streets to and through the site to create simple, well-organized city blocks and appropriately scaled development;
  • Maintain a human-scale of building heights that match existing neighborhood buildings and increase in height as the site slopes downward to the Anacostia waterfront;
  • Connect the Hill East neighborhood and the city at large to the waterfront via tree-lined public streets, recreational trails, and increased access to waterfront parklands;
  • Demonstrate environmental stewardship through environmentally sensitive design, ample open spaces, and a waterfront park that serve as public amenities and benefit the neighborhood and the city;
  • Promote the use of mass transit by introducing new uses near Metro stations, and create an environment where the pedestrian, bicycle, and auto are all welcome, complementary, and unobtrusive, reducing the impact of traffic on adjacent neighborhood streets;
  • Limit the Central Detention Facility and the Correction Treatment Facility to areas south of Massachusetts Avenue; and 
  • Create attractive “places” of unique and complementary character including:
    • A new, vital neighborhood center around the Metro station at C and 19th Streets that serves the unmet neighborhood commercial needs of the community and extends to the waterfront with a new residential district;
    • Massachusetts Avenue as a grand Washington ‘boulevard’ in the tradition of the L’Enfant plan;
    • A district for city-wide uses and services, such as health care, education, and recreation along Independence Avenue; and
    • A grand public waterfront park incorporating monumental places and quiet natural retreats accessed by a meandering park drive set back from the Anacostia River.
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Hill East
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