The boundaries of the HE zones correspond to Federal Reservation 13, which is generally bounded by Independence Avenue on the north, 19th Street on the west, Water Street on the east, and the Congressional Cemetery on the south.

The HE-1 Zone (19th Street), includes squares with frontage onto 19th Street SE, between Independence Avenue SE, and Massachusetts Avenue SE.

Hill East
Hill East
Development Standards
Floor Area Ratio (max.)1, 2 Height (ft.)/
Penthouse Height (ft.)/Stories Lot Occupancy
Rear Yard (ft.) 3 Side Yard (ft.) Setbacks Zoning Regulation Reference
HE-1 3.0 26 ft. (min)
50 ft. (max)
12 /
15 for mechanical space
80% No rear yard shall be required for entirely non-residential buildings. No side yard is required; however, any side yard provided shall be 8 ft. minimum. Buildings or structures in the HE zones that abut the HE-1 zone shall provide a 12 ft. setback from the zone boundary line for any part of the building or structure that exceeds 50 ft. in height. Subtitle K Chapter 4
4 1 / Second additional story for mechanical space No less than 12 ft. for residential uses. Buildings or structures in the HE zones that abut the HE-2 zone, or have street frontage on Burke Street, C Street, C Place, or Massachusetts Avenue, shall provide a 12 ft. setback for any part of the building that exceeds 80 ft. in height

Use Permissions Zoning Commission Review Parking and Loading Design Conditions Inclusionary Zoning
Subtitle K § 410-415 Subtitle K § 409 Subtitle K § 408 Subtitle K § 419-420 Subtitle C, Chapter 10

1 The following density limitations on non-residential uses apply within the HE zones, but only in the squares listed below: Square F: 0.8, Square G: 1.0, Square H: 0.5, Square I: 3.0.
2 The minimum lot area for row dwellings shall be 1,800 sq. ft. with a minimum lot width of 18 ft.
3 See Subtitle K § 406.