The purposes of the Mixed-Use-Uptown Arts (ARTS) zones (ARTS-1 through ARTS-4) are to:

  • Promote the creation of arts, arts-related, and art-supporting uses;
  • Encourage a pedestrian scale of development, a mixture of building uses, adaptive reuse of older buildings, strengthened design character, public safety, and 18 hour activity;
  • Require uses that encourage pedestrian activity, especially retail, entertainment, and residential uses;
  • Provide for an increased presence and integration of the arts and related cultural and arts-related support uses;
  • Expand the area's housing supply in a variety of rent and price ranges;
  • Expand business and job opportunities, and encourage development of residential and commercial buildings;
  • Strengthen the design character and identity of the area by means of physical design standards;
  • Encourage adaptive reuse of older buildings in the area and an attractive combination of new and old buildings; and
  • Foster 18 hour activity and increased public safety.
Special Purpose Zones
Special Purpose Zones
Use Permissions Street Frontage Design Requirements Planned Unit Development
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