The ARTS-4 zone is intended to permit medium- to high-density, mixed-use development, with a balance of uses conducive to a higher quality of life and environment for residents, businesses, employees, and institutions.

Residential and Non-residential Buildings
Floor Area Ratio (maximum)1 Height (feet)2, 3 Penthouse Height (feet)/Stories Lot Occupancy
Rear Setback (feet)4 Side Setback (feet) Green Area Ratio Zoning Regulation Reference
ARTS-4 6.0 90 20 20% (public recreation center) 2.5 inches per foot of vertical distance from the mean finished grade at the middle of the rear of the structure to the highest point of the main roof or parapet wall, but not less than 12 feet No side yard is required; however, any side yard provided shall be 5 ft. minimum. 0.230 Subtitle K Chapter 8
7.2 (IZ) 100 (IZ) 1 plus mezzanine; Second story permitted for penthouse mechanical space 75% (residential)
3.0 (non-residential) 80% (IZ)

Use Permissions Bonuse Density Courtyards Parking Street Frontage Design Requirements Inclusionary Zoning
Subtitle K § 811 Subtitle K § 802 Subtitle K § 807 Subtitle C, Chapter 7/8 Subtitle K § 810 Subtitle C, Chapter 10

1 In an ARTS-4 zone, development of a lot or lots in a combined lot development pursuant to Subtitle C, Chapter 12 shall provide not less than 2.5 FAR of residential or hotel development, subject to the spacing requirement of Subtitle K § 811.5, concurrent with any commercial development on the lot or combined lots; provided that this requirement shall not apply to: Subtitle K-117 (a) A lot or a combined lot having less than seven thousand five hundred square feet (7,500 sq. ft.) of land area; (b) A conversion of a building constructed before 1958 to nonresidential uses; or (c) A building that contributes to a historic district or is designated a landmark, and that has at least 0.5 FAR occupied by or reserved for one (1) or more of the preferred arts uses as listed in Subtitle U, Chapter 7, other than eating and drinking establishments.
2 A public recreation and community center shall not exceed a maximum height of forty-five feet (45 ft.) in any ARTS zone.
3In the ARTS-4 zone, if a building is located on a lot that abuts a street, an alley, or a zone district boundary with a R, RF, or RA zone, no part of the building, including the penthouse, shall project above a plane drawn at a forty-five degree (45°) angle from a line located sixty-five feet (65 ft.) directly above the property line on each such street, alley, or zone district boundary line.
4 In the ARTS-4 zone, a rear yard is required only for residential uses and shall be established subject to the following conditions: (a) A rear yard shall be established no lower than the first level of residential use; (b) Where a lot abuts an alley, the rear yard may be measured from the center line of the alley to the rear wall of the building or other structure; and (c) Where a lot does not abut an alley, the rear yard shall be measured from the rear lot line to the rear wall of the building or other structure.