The Reed-Cooke (RC) zones consist of the RC-1 through RC-3 zones.

The RC-1 zone is intended to provide for areas developed with predominantly moderate- and medium-density rowhouses and apartments.

The RC-2 zone is intended to permit moderate-density mixed-use development at a limited height and with an emphasis on housing.

The RC-3 zone is intended to permit medium-density, compact mixed-use development, with an emphasis on residential development at a limited height and with an emphasis on housing.

The purpose of the Reed-Cooke residential apartment and mixed-use zones is to:

  • Protect current housing and provide for the development of new housing;
  • Maintain heights and densities at appropriate levels;
  • Encourage small-scale business development that will not adversely affect the residential community;
  • Ensure that new nonresidential uses serve the local community by providing retail goods, personal services, and other activities that contribute to the satisfaction of unmet social, service, and employment needs in the Reed-Cooke and Adams Morgan community;
  • Protect adjacent and nearby residences from damaging traffic, parking, environmental, social, and aesthetic impacts; and
  • Ensure the preservation and adaptive reuse of the First Church of Christ Scientist building, located on Lot 872 of Square 2560, through a planned unit development process.
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