The Southeast Federal Center (SEFC) zones (SEFC-1 through SEFC-4) provide for the development of a vibrant, urban, mixed-use, waterfront neighborhood, offering a combination of uses that will attract residents, office workers, and visitors from across the District of Columbia and beyond.

The purposes of the SEFC zones are to:

  • Assure development of the area with a mixture of residential and commercial uses and a suitable height, bulk, and design of buildings, as generally identified in the Comprehensive Plan, and in recognition of the objectives of the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative and the Near Southeast Urban Design Framework Plan;
  • Encourage high-density residential development with a pedestrian oriented streetscape through flexible zoning parameters;
  • Encourage a variety of support and visitor-related uses, such as retail, service, entertainment, cultural, and hotel or inn uses;
  • Provide for a reduced height and bulk of buildings along the Anacostia riverfront in the interest of ensuring views over and around waterfront buildings, and provide for continuous publicly-accessible open space along the waterfront;
  • Require suitable ground-floor level retail and service uses near the Navy Yard Metrorail station, along M Street, S.E., near the SEFC-4 zone, and at other key pedestrian locations;
  • Encourage the design and development of properties in a manner that is sensitive to the adjacent Navy Yard and the historically significant buildings within the SEFC zones; and
  • Establish zoning incentives and restrictions to provide for the development of a publicly-accessible park along the Anacostia River and encourage uses in that park as permitted in the SEFC-4 zone. 
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