The SEFC-2 zone provides for high-density residential development with limited ground floor retail, and the review of the relationship of new buildings to the SEFC waterfront park open space area.

Development Standards
Floor Area Ratio (max.)1 Height (ft.)2 Penthouse Height (ft.)/Stories Lot Occupancy
Rear Yard (ft.) Side Yard (ft.) Green Area Ratio Zoning Regulation Reference
SEFC-2 6.0 110 20 75% 2.5 in. per 1 ft. of height or a minimum of 12 ft. No side yard is required; however, any side yard provided shall be five feet (5 ft.) minimum. 0.30 Subtitle K, Chapter 2
0.5 (non-residential) 1 Story Plus mezzanine (2nd Story for penthouse mechanical space) 100% (preffered uses)

Use Permissions Courtyards Parking Inclusionary Zoning
Subtitle K § 238 Subtitle K § 219 Subtitle C, Chapter 7/8 Subtitle C, Chapter 10

1 The density associated with preferred uses shall be in addition to otherwise permitted density, and shall not excee 0.5 FAR.
2 For additional information about height in the SEFC-2 Zone, see Subtitle K § 215.
3 For additional information about Lot Occupancy, see Subtitle K § 216