The SEFC-3 zone provides for medium-density residential development with limited ground floor retail, and the review of the relationship of new buildings to the SEFC waterfront park open space area.

Residential and Non-residential Buildings
Floor Area Ratio (maximum) Height (feet)1 Penthouse Height (feet)/Stories Lot Occupancy
Rear Setback (feet) Side Setback (feet) Green Area Ratio Zoning Regulation Reference
SEFC-3 0.50 90 20 /
1 story plus mezzanine
75% (residential) 2.5 in. per 1 ft. of height or a minimum of 12 ft. No side yard is required; however, any side yard provided shall be 4 ft. minimum. 0.30 Subtitle K Chapter 2
Second additional story for mechanical space 100% (non-residential)

Use Permissions Courtyards Parking Inclusionary Zoning
Subtitle K § 237 Subtitle K § 208 Subtitle C, Chapter 7/8 Subtitle C, Chapter 10

1 For the purposes of determining maximum height permitted under the Height Act, and for achieving the height permitted in Subtitle K § 203.1, the SEFC-3 zone is considered a "mixed-use" zone. Maximum height shall be that equal to the width of the adjacent right-of-right, increased by 20 ft., but not to exceed 130 ft., or less if otherwise restricted by the Height Act