The purposes of the Walter Reed (WR) zones (WR-1 through WR-8) are to:

  • Provide for the growth of the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center campus with a broad mix of uses, achieved through the adaptive reuse of existing buildings as well as new construction, as generally indicated in the Comprehensive Plan and as recommended by the planning studies of the area;
  • Preserve the unique historic architectural and landscape character of the Walter Reed campus as a resource for the adjacent neighborhoods and the District as a whole;
  • Reweave the Walter Reed campus into the physical and social fabric of the adjacent neighborhoods by extending the existing street grid into the WR zone;
  • Create a vibrant town center that will provide economic development, employment, and retail opportunities for the District and adjacent neighborhoods;
  • Advance sustainability performance with green building techniques and promote innovative energy uses and stormwater management; and
  • Accommodate selected uses pursuant to a Base Realignment and Closure Act Notice of Interest process.

The WR zone is divided into the WR-1 through the WR-8 zones. Each zone may have 1 or more sub-areas, as identified in the Development Standards table for each zone. Each sub-area may be comprised of 1 or more Land Bays. Land Bays are defined on the plat attached to Z.C. Order No. 14-22.

Special Purpose Zones
Special Purpose Zones
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