The WR-1 zone is intended to: 

  • Provide for residential development that complements the character of nearby established residential neighborhoods;
  • Transition from the low- to moderate-scale residential uses north of Fern Street to the medium-density commercial and residential uses proposed for south of Elder Street; and
  • Discourage driveway access directly from the street to private off-street parking
Residential and Non-residential Buildings1
Sub-Area (Land Bays A.1, B, C) Lot Width (min.) Building Height (max.) Stories (max.) Lot Occupancy (max.) Pervious Surface (min.) Side Yard (min.) Rear Yard (min.) Zoning Regulation Reference
WR-1 Lots With any frontage on Fern Street 18 ft. 45 ft. 4 70% 10% 4ft. if provided None Subtitle K, Chapter 9
Any other lot 18 ft. 55 ft. 5 70% 10% 4ft. if provided None

Use Permissions Parking Loading Streetscape Standards Affordable Housing Penthouses
Subtitle K § 911-914 Vehicle - Subtitle K § 915 Subtitle K § 917 Subtitle K § 910 Subtitle K § 918 Subtitle K § 909
Bicycle Parking - Subtitle K § 610

1 See Subtitle K § 901.3 - 901.9 for additional development standards.