The WR-10 zone is intended to:

  • Support the expansion of medical care and research facilities at a scale of development that does not adversely impact the character of nearby established neighborhoods; and
  • Encourage adaptive reuse of existing buildings to support medical research uses.
WR-11 Development Standards1
Floor Area Ratio Building Height (max) Lot Occupancy (max) Side Yard (min) Rear Yard (min) Zoning Regulation Reference
WR-11 4.5 90 ft.2 75% None required None required Subtitle K § 910.2

Use Permissions Parking Loading Streetscape Standards Affordable Housing Penthouses
Subtitle K § 913-916 Vehicle - Subtitle K § 917 Subtitle K § 919 Subtitle K § 912 Subtitle K § 920 Subtitle K § 911.4
Bicycle Parking - Subtitle K § 918

1 See Subtitle K § 910.2 for additional development standards.

2 Subtitle K § 910.3: In the WR-11 zone, no building or portion of a building shall be constructed above grade within one hundred fifty feet (150 ft.) of the street lot lines abutting Dahlia Street, N.W.