The WR-5 zone is intended to:

  • Provide moderate-density residential and commercial development that also supports arts and cultural uses; and
  • Encourage continuous east/west green connections and passive and active recreation opportunities.
Residential and Non-residential Buildings
Sub-Area1 Building Height (max.) Stories (max.) Floor Area Ratio (max.) Lot Occupancy (max.) Setbacks Zoning Regulation Reference
WR-5 Land Bay K.3 50 ft. 3 1.0 35% No building or portion of a building shall be constructed north of the northernmost point of existing Buildings 8 or 9, or east of the easternmost portion of Building 8. Subtitle K, Chapter 9
Land Bay J.9 and K.2 35 ft. 2 0.75 75% n/a
Land Bay J.8 35 ft. 2 0.4 40% Any new construction shall be set back no less than 20 ft. from the Aspen Street property line as it exists on January 1, 2015. Existing buildings may be renovated and adaptively reused, even if within the setback area.

Use Permissions Parking Loading Streetscape Standards Affordable Housing Penthouses
Subtitle K § 911-914 Vehicle - Subtitle K § 915 Subtitle K § 917 Subtitle K § 910 Subtitle K § 918 Subtitle K § 909
Bicycle Parking - Subtitle K § 610

1 For new construction in Land Bay J.8, all portions of the ground floor devoted to non-residential uses shall have a minimum floor-to-ceiling height of 14 ft., except for those spaces within the ground floor of any building devoted to the following uses: mechanical, electrical, and plumbing; storage; fire control; loading; parking; and retail and service corridors