The WR-8 zone is intended to:

  • Provide medium-density residential development that is sensitive to existing development on the south side of Aspen Street; and
  • Encourage open and green space suitable for sustainable infrastructure and amenities as appropriate.
Residential and Non-residential Buildings
Sub-Area Building Height (max.) Stories (max.) Floor Area Ratio (max.) Lot Occupancy (max.) Setbacks Zoning Regulation Reference
WR-1 Land Bay J.2 Within 25 ft. of the setback specified in Subtitle K § 908.4, 50 ft. above the finished grade at the middle of the Aspen Street building façade; and elsewhere, 65 ft. as measured from whichever measuring point is chosen for the building for the purpose of measuring height. 5 3.25 80% New construction shall be set back no less than twenty feet (20 ft.) from the Aspen Street property line Subtitle K, Chapter 9

Use Permissions Parking Loading Streetscape Standards Affordable Housing Penthouses
Subtitle K § 911-914 Vehicle - Subtitle K § 915 Subtitle K § 917 Subtitle K § 910 Subtitle K § 918 Subtitle K § 909
Bicycle Parking - Subtitle K § 610