All buildings or structures shall be provided with loading berths and service/delivery spaces as indicated in more detail in the chart below. A loading berth is an off-street space provided for cargo vehicles, when loading and unloading. A service/delivery space is an off-street space provided for motor vehicles that are 20 ft. in length or less that are making deliveries and/or providing a maintenance service. A service/delivery space cannot be considered a parking space or a loading berth.

Any building permit application for new construction or addition to an existing building shall be accompanied by a detailed loading plan demonstrating full compliance with the loading requirements.

The Zoning Administrator may, at his or her discretion, request that the District Department of Transportation review and make a recommendation regarding any item on the loading plan prior to approving the building permit application.

No certificate of occupancy shall be issued unless the loading facilities have been constructed in accordance with the approved loading plans.


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